Broker Partner Program

TheTMS offers a program for Shippers that are looking to manage their current core group of vendors for their in network freight shipments but utilize a much larger network for open and out of network spot shipments that their current core does not have the capacity or ability to service.

Through our broker program, shippers can utilize the software to auto connect through our partner broker to reach a much larger network to move OON shipments. This partnership will eliminate the “broker effect” and save 15-20% on spot shipments who are using multiple vendors to move OON (Out of Network) shipments. Shipper partners have seen substantial saving and increases in efficiency by enrolling in the partnership.

Partnership is free and the shipper only pays when using broker carriers to move shipments, the cost per a ship is $35. Safely eliminate brokers from your carrier group while keeping capacity for OON shipments.

The broker effect occurs when shippers offer multiple brokers the same load. What happens is that these brokers then post the load on multiple load boards. Competing brokers drive the price up on the boards to get the first call from the single truck looking for that or a similar load. In turn the shipper end up paying sometimes as high as 30% more than they would if the load was only give to 1 broker. Our advantage is that we will eliminate this and high brokerage percentages and only charge $35 per a load when the shipper uses a out of network vendors in their TMS.

Eliminate the broker efforts on your Loads

  • Multiplex effect

Cost Reduction

  • Eliminate 15 % Brokerage Fees Commission
  • Pay flat fee per moved load

Increase overall exposure to your loads

  • Increase Network (Close to 10,000 carriers)
  • Eliminate Vendor Management

Reach the market Place faster

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