Easy Installation Process

TheTMS system is built to support multiple types of models, manufactures, and Years.

Our installation options are the easiest in the industry, we do all the work ahead of time for you, and send individually bagged setups for each unit.

Upon signing up we will ask you to fill out an excel sheet with all of the information we need for your units to pack the correct cords and enter your units into you system

Quick TheTMS ELD Facts

Per the FMCSA requiredments TheTMS ELD system includes the required ELD Authentication value per each device to verify ELD authenticity

All new software versions for the ELD product will be cleared with FMCSA before auto updates through the APP. Our product will constantly be evolving based on our clients request

As motor carrier do your due diligence in choosing a ELD provider to make sure that they are certified as a FMCSA ELD complaint manufacturer

The software is compliant and will support all vehicles that were build post the year 2000,  Units built before the year 2000 do  not have the correct ECM modules and are exempt from the ELD Mandate

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