How an Electronic Logging Device App Makes Drivers More Efficient and Compliant

One of the main benefits of modern-day electronic logging devices (ELDs) is the ability to integrate them with mobile apps. These apps can keep the monitoring and reporting of Hours of Service (HOS) and Record of Delivery Status (RODS) easier for both drivers and carriers in a number of ways.

Apart from being less expensive and time-consuming to install for trucking fleets, there are many other benefits that come with these apps and devices.

Interconnectivity on Multiple Devices

Unlike older logging devices, today’s ELD solutions allow users to connect to devices and access data using nearly any device, including iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. This makes it easier for drivers and carriers to monitor these devices and keep track of all collected data at any time. This ability also makes the logging process more efficient and accurate overall, enabling users to make edits to logs if they notice a mistake.

IFTA Compliance

ELD apps that are IFTA compliant can also make logging and tracking more efficient. With apps that are IFTA compliant, you can automate the calculation of fuel costs along with the reporting process. This eliminates the hassle of manual reporting and calculations that was required with older logging devices. Apps can also automatically update and store tax rate data on a quarterly basis to reflect accurate fuel costs.

GPS Tracking

Another benefit of a reliable ELD app is the ability to use GPS tracking to see where drivers are at all times. Carriers can easily see where specific drivers or entire fleets are located at any given time, allowing them to track and trace every step to determine efficiency and idle time. An app that features geo-fencing can also allow carriers to receive notification when unauthorized drivers on detention have entered a specific area.

Real-Time Logging

ELD apps can also make the logging process easier and more accurate, actively monitoring for HOS and Form & Manner violations. Without the need to manually notify dispatchers and safety personnel of violations, they can automatically receive these notifications as they occur or even before they occur. A viewable audit history makes it easy for users to access past logs, either to update them with proposed edits or to look for existing trends. This helps minimize mistakes and inefficiencies in the logging process, further improving efficiency in trucking operations.

Consider TheTMS ELD Solution

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