How an Electronic Logging Device App Makes Drivers More Efficient and Compliant

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are designed to make tracking hours and distance easier than ever, but one of the innovations that has made this even simpler is a mobile app for ELDs. This app allows users to access ELDs and all contained data, make changes, and change on-duty or off-duty statuses without the need for a central device.

Using ELD Apps for Trucking Fleets

With traditional ELDs, truckers and carriers were required to use specific devices to access data. This could result in inefficiencies because of the lack of convenience associated with these devices. However, mobile apps enable anyone involved in the trucking process to view ELD data in real-time without the need for centrally located devices. Both truckers and carriers can view all of the necessary data, propose edits, and make changes across a wide range of devices.

Mobile ELD apps work on iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and other portable devices, making the ELD data accessible to nearly any individual. However, these apps can include security measures to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing this sensitive data at all times.

The Ability to See All Relevant Data

A comprehensive ELD app will include all of the features necessary to see backlogs, monitor trucking operations as they occur, and change status at any time.

For truckers, a worthwhile app will allow them to change their status to on- or off-duty, and check all tracking data, while carriers can look through data to check for inaccuracies and potential mistakes. Apps can also give carriers a full view of certain geo-fenced areas and alert them to unauthorized truckers in these areas, while also administering warnings to certain drivers on their end.

Older ELDs used to include restrictions that made it more difficult to maintain and improve efficiency, but today’s apps minimize this problem. Users can access ELD data from any location at any time, eliminating any uncertainty that might otherwise occur throughout shipping operations.

Apps also give carriers a better way to track and trace all of the trucks in their fleet using reliable GPS navigation systems. If any aspect of a fleet needs reminders, fixes, or other tasks done, many apps can also use a messaging system that gives truckers and carriers an easy means of instant communication.

Consider TheTMS ELD App

If you want to maintain IFTA and FMCSA compliance, TheTMS app makes it easy for both truckers and carriers to monitor ELDs using an innovative mobile app in addition to state-of-the-art ELD devices.

Our product includes many different features to keep the tracking process simple and efficient, giving your fleet the tools it needs to keep deliveries on time and employees consistently productive. You’ll be able to eliminate any blind spots in your operations using our product, providing you with everything you need to run optimal trucking operations.

To learn more about our product and get started with a complete ELD system, including our intuitive mobile app, contact us today for assistance.

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