ELD Usable Devices

TheTms ELD system works with tablets, smartphones, and computer that support Bluetooth connections. The ELD app supports both Android and IOS operating systems. Information can be stored on a local network of any of these devices and can uploaded via WIFI or on a continuous basis through mobile data.

TheTMS ELD app is available to download for free at the app store and google play online store

Quick TheTMS ELD Facts

TheTMS ELD app solution was built with the driver in mind and is built on the premise of click efficiency. Eliminating non essential screens and  buttons we are able to give our drivers the best product experience on the market

ELD app users can switch out devices as often as they wish, the only requirement is that they download theTMS ELD app to their device and the device is bluetooth enabled

ELD units are tethered to the trucks that they are installed in, so drivers can switch trucks as often as they choose, as thier Record of Duty Status will follow them from truck to truck

TheTMS ELD solution gives the ability for drivers to switch units and devices easily and with out hassle.

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