Geo Fences

TheTMS ELD solution offers the ability to geo fence locations and ears associated with anything you want it to be

Be notified when units enter this area when they arrirve and when they leave

Start calculating detention the moment a piece of equipment enter the fenced area, set up auto notification for your client and yourself for upcoming detentions charge

Link API’s to automatically up load statuses when driver enter and leave specified geo fenced areas

Quick TheTMS ELD Facts

Manage your fleets time waiting for loads and unloads by setting up geo fences, to automatically contact the dispatcher and shipper/receiver on file.

Set up and be notified if a driver enters a geo fence that is off limits to the fleet or a specific driver

Work in real time with your shippers and receivers to minimize the waiting time for unloading and loading products.

Update the driver on detention status by sending auto messages to the app, and monitor idle times.

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