GPS Track & Trace

TheTMS ELD systems gives users real-time visibility into their fleet to monitor location and current HOS standings. Answer questions about locations quickly and update clients on ETA’s accurately. Add the knowledge of location to your operations and improve your product and bottom line.

– Track units/drivers past locations with the easy the to use trace features (breadcrumb)

– Receive live updates

– Even when the mobile data is not connected the ELD will store and transmit all GPS data upon connection

View the history of any Driver or Unit at any time in the cloud

Quick TheTMS ELD Facts

Tracking Information is update constantly as long as the ELD is connected via bluetooth to a internet able device

If the ELD device loses connection with a internet enable device the ELD will store all applicable GPS and Vehicle Data until connection can be restored, it will transmit immediatly

All Driver and Unit GPS history is stored on our servers in the cloud and can be accessed 24/7.  The data is quick and with great latency, minimizing lag time. TheTMS servers are located throughout the US at multiple locations to ensure data integrity and  are backed up every second. The history is available for all units and drivers from the minute they start using the APP. TheTMS will not delete or purge any data without a request from the account holder.

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ELD FMCSA Compliant Device + APP