Editing a part of the status

  • Step 1As we see there are two violations and its exactly the same example as the previous video, we are going to split the PreTrip DVIR to fix the logs, lets proceed by selecting “View & Edit Logs” .
  • Step 2 Select 25-12-2018.
  • Step 3 Select Edit.
  • Step 4Here as we see the PreTrip DVIR time duration is for 1 hr and 7 mins., we need 1 hr of Off Duty time from it and we leave the remaining 7 mins. untouched, lets proceed by tapping on the PreTrip DVIR status.
  • Step 5We adjust the end time of the PreTrip DVIR status by adjusting the endtime slider, as you see its difficult to set the exact time, so we tap on end time, a clock appears you can set the exact time and tap ok.
  • Step 6 Choose Off Duty status from switch status, mention the reason for which you are editing without any special characters and tap update.
  • Step 7 Lets wait for a minute for the changes to reflect
  • Step 8 As you can see the PreTrip status has been split into two parts, out of which 1 hr is off duty and the remaining 7 mins stays unchanged.