Roadside inspection along with dot mode

  • Step 1When driver is Stopped by DOT officer he may ask to inspect logs. So you need change your status and put in Roadside Inspection and here are the Steps.
  • Step 2 You need to change status to ON DUTY NOT DRIVING.
  • Step 3You need to change activity to ROADSIDE INSPECTION.
  • Step 4As you can see status has been changed.
  • Step 5Now you have to select DOT Inspection mode as to submit logs to DOT Officer.
  • Step 6When DOT Officer asks for last 7 days logs and present day, You can send it by Clicking on SEND LOGS button on this page.
  • Step 7You have to select web service to send logs to DOT officer and You have to enter code provided by DOT officer instead of test.
  • Step 8 When we click on BEGIN INSPECTION button it will lead to pdf of logs of last 7 days.
  • Step 9We can also email PDF to DOT officer. We have to insert DOT Officer’s email id.