how it works

TheTMS ELD products works with any class 8 vehicle built on or after the year 2000.

Our System supports J1939, J1708, and OBDII Connector with pin outs for Volvo/Mack Manufacturers

TheTMS Hardware connects via the JBUS terminal to connect directly to the engine ECM

TheTMS ELD hardware then broadcasts ECM FMCSA required information via bluetooth to both Android and IOS smartphones & tablets & bluetooth enabled laptops

The APP in the smart device digests all information from the ECM and automatically updates status of driving and non driving via the APP interface with the Driver. Stores and transmits log information to the office and allows for several duty and edit functions.

Quick TheTMS ELD Facts

TheTMS ELD app solution also has interactive attachment options to help manage supporting documents to comply with the DOT HOS supporting document rules.

The Hardware then tracks speed, location, vin #, engine hours, and odometer reading. It also tracks fuel burns, driving activity, and multiple other readings and transmits all information via bluetooth to a smart device which then transmit all information via mobile or wifi to the backend.

ELD app users can switch out devices as often as they wish, the only requirement is that they download theTMS ELD app to their device and the device is bluetooth enabled.

TheTMS ELD solution gives the ability for drivers to switch units and devices easily and with out hassle.

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