How our system works

Electronic Log Device Connects Via Bluetooth to any blue tooth Enabled Device

Per ELD FMCSA Requirements our System Monitors the following

*Support both Android and IOS devices

Data,Time,CMV Geographic Location, Engine hours, Vehicle Mileage,Driver,VIN #, Motor Carrier, Change of Duty Status, Required checks of position, personal use, Exemptions, Ignition, and FMCSA ELD Compliant format, HOS Formatm Mileage by state, fuel purchase, state to state mileage

The APP then transmits that information via Mobile Data or Wifi to the Cloud

* Data usage per a month averages 100 MB (2% of a Average Data plan)

* All required Data and  LiveTracking and IFTA Compliance can be accessed at anytime anywhere with internet access
All Data is kept in DOT & IFTA required format for easy auditing

Access Information from the cloud

Auto Log Audit Reports- Track errors in real times
IFTA Taxes Reports by Unit or by Fleet
Import Fuel purchase Data
Locate and Track Equipment both in real times and check history with bread crumb features ,
propose edits to non Driving status on HOS logs, Manage Daily HOS Hours by Driver,
Instanst access for DOT Auidts & report generation

Supported HOS Cycles

USA 80 hours/ 8 Days
USA 70 hours/ 7 Days
California 80 Hour/8 Days
Texas 80 Hour / 7 Days

ELD in the Cabin

Log in

Confirm Details on Back End

All information comes from back end and prepopulates fields

Search ELD for Device & Connect

Home Screen Appears

 Easily Navigate the APP to change Status, sign logs, Enter Exceptions, View Past Logs and Enter DOT Inspection Mode

Status Change

Status Change Made Easy — The ELD will automatically update status from on Duty non Driving to Driving when the Unit moves above 5 MPH — the driver will be prompted to confirm but will happen automatically after 5 Minutes. When driver is stationary for 5 minutes or more the system will prompt the user to move to On Duty Non Driving but will happen automatically after 5 minutes
For other status changes you can easily enter the status change page through the home page and user can easily choose between the available Statuses — and will prompt the user to capture the correct information regarding each Status
Location will automatically prefill with GPS data at point of status change
Depending on status choice a few pop screens will work with the driver to obtain IFTA and supporting document information and/or will remind the user the definition of status choice

Status Change Fueling/Loading/Unloading

When Drivers switch to a status that is on duty not driving the will be prompted to choose an activity and if they chose Loading/Unloading/Fuel a quick pop up will prompt them to enter the required information for shipping documents or IFTA fuel purchased. If the driver forget to define these parameter now, not a big deal we can upload fuel purchased directly to the system and our Log Audit will spot any missing form and manner information that can be added later.

Driving Screen

When the vehicle goes over 5 MPH the screen will automatically switch the Driving ROS screen — this screen will activtly display the driving time before a required break and then after the driving time remaining shift. The screen is dynamic and the color will change as the driver nears expiration. Screen will start beeping in the last 15 minutes but can be silenced by hitting the mute Number — as soon as the vehicle speed falls below 5 MPH the screen will switch back to home screen for the driver to navigate the APP.


Exemptions can be entered by navigating from the home screen of the app at any time — the user will be prompted to the definition of the exemption that they are using and to confirm that he driver situation is applicable. It will then prompt the driver to make notations on the reason why the exemption was put into action.

DOT Inspection

In the event a DOT officer pulls the vehicle over the DOT Inspection Mode can be entered by navigating the button on the home screen. From this screen the officer can choose to navigate the current and last 7 days of logs or they can email them to their email address through the app. All data is displayed in the FMCSA ELD compliant form.

Managing Logs

The APP was deployed to allow our user easy access to information regarding their current and their past logs. The app will automatically check logs for both Forms and Manner and HOS violations. The errors will the show up in the form of a exclamation point in the view logs screen that is navigated by the home screen. A Red exclamation next to a 24 hours log notates a HOS violation and a Black exclamation  notates a a Forms and Manner Violation (BOL Missing, Trip Miles, Signature). These errors can be looked at and edit if possible by clicking on the log in question. Missing forms and manner information can easily be added to complete compliance — also logs that have not been signed can be signed at this point to make the error free. HOS violations can be edited as long as the edit in questions took place while the vehicle was not moving — Driving on duty cannot be changed.