IFTA Compliance

TheTMS ELD system was built around saving our users time and money through the automation of the IFTA fuel calculations. The ELD GPS abilities will take the burden away from the carriers of pinpointing mileage at state crossings for trip reports by hand, and automatically track the miles driven in each jurisdiction.

– Import Fuel Purchase Data or use our fuel purchase info capture feature on theTMS eld App

– Easily separate out IFTA liabilities to individual contractors

– Our system updates and stores Tax rate data each quarter

Quick TheTMS ELD Facts

TheTMS ELD device works in conjunction with the GPS and odometer readings to give accurate state by state mileage that transmits constantly to theTMS cloud

The theTMS cloud then organizes the information  in a IFTA compliant trip logs that are stored and easily accessed through the web portal. The Data history is stored from the moment the Unit starts the APP

TheTMS ELD has several layouts for the IFTA data to be sorted. Data is sort-able by Unit, Driver, and company. It will give you the balance due figures and the correct mileage and fuel data to file your taxes with the state IFTA authority.

Supports Multiple fuel types and can account for the various exemptions across the IFTA participants.

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