The Best Electronic Logbook for Truckers: What to Look for

Choosing an ELD should be a careful process. Don’t simply go with the most affordable option, as you might find that the device is noncompliant or doesn’t include features that make it easy to use. When looking for the ideal electronic logging device, there are several things you should look for from your provider.

Easy-to-Use App

One of the best ways to make an ELD easier to use is to make use of an app. A reliable app will allow you to track and monitor data across multiple devices, including iPhones, Androids, tablets, and other mobile devices. These apps should present all data and tracking tools in a way that’s easy to understand and learn.

ELD FMCSA Compliance

Your ELD provider should also be a FMCSA and DOT certified manufacturer and provider, advertising this fact. A reputable provider will also rigorously test and self-certify their devices per the FMCSA technical specifications on the FMCSA website. Without any indication of this compliance, you could wind up paying for a device that makes you inadvertently noncompliant with the ELD rule.

IFTA Compliance

ELD providers should also be IFTA compliant, automating IFTA fuel calculations to save truckers and carriers time and money. ELDs with GPS tracking capabilities can automatically pinpoint mileage at state crossings for trip reports, while also tracking miles driven in each jurisdiction. This automated reporting eliminates the need for manual reports written by hand.

Auto Log Auditing

ELD solutions should also be capable of actively monitoring for Hours of Service and Form & Manner Violations. This makes it easier for dispatchers and safety personnel to receive notification of violations as they occur or even beforehand. If mistakes are made at any point during logging, innovative platforms will allow users to propose edits at any time, with an accessible audit history allowing users to look for trends.

Geo Fences

Good ELD solutions will also allow users to manage fleets by monitoring waiting time for loads and unloads, notifying the user when an unauthorized driver or fleet enters or leaves a specific geo-fenced area. Geo-fencing also allows users to work with shippers and receivers to minimize waiting times for loading and unloading. Drivers will also be able to receive notification of detention status via auto messages in the app, with the ability to monitor idle times.

Transparent Pricing and Plans

Last but not least, a dependable ELD provider will also make pricing options and plans available to prospects. A company that offers varying plans with different features can help customers avoid spending any more than they have to on ELDs. Reliable companies understand that it shouldn’t cost much more to be ELD compliant, giving customers plenty of options based on the extent of their operations.

With these aspects in mind, you can benefit from an effective ELD solution that keeps you compliant with the ELD rule while saving money in the long run. To learn more about the solutions we offer here at TheTMS, contact us at any time, or request a demo to see how our devices work.