Options and Plans

Pricing Options and Plans

TheTMS ELD solution was built with our audience in mind and we understand that commitments, high entry cost, and long term contract can be burdensome on some carrier and not others. So we at theTMS wanted to give the option of flexibility to our clients.

Our pricing options are based on the criteria above and we give the client the options to mix their perfect solution of price, commitment, and up front cost. Try out of pricing tool below to see what scenario fits you best

Pricing Options and Plans

Quick TheTMS ELD Facts

TheTMS accepts credit card payment on all of our software solutions and is easily set up to occur on a monthly basis

If you own our ELD equipment – you services can be set up on a month to month basis with no penalty for termination

TheTMS pricing is set up so that we have to earn your business everyday — even if you are entered in a long term contract our buy out clause is only the cost of the equipment in your trucks

Our pricing feature make doing business with us easy and puts the options in our clients hands

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