Brokerage/ Logistics Solutions

Scale with The TMS that gets the most out of your dispatcher. Eliminate time building, rating, and dispatching orders. Let track and trace become a breeze with a built-in and free to use app. Manage these processes through automation and machine learning.

Work with a software built in and for the transportation logistics industry. The TMS numbers do not lie — through process efficiency and automation The TMS can take dispatchers from 15 loads a day to 40. Do more with less labor with The TMS.

Brokerage/ Logistics Solutions

Streamline the dispatch process and save your time with the Brokerage/ Logistics Solutions by T-TMS inc. Let tracing become a breeze, by automating the transport logistics for your company.

1 Touch Dispatch – Vendor Management – Load Tendering – Carrier onboarding – Load Posting  JUST A CLICK AWAY

Brokerage/ Logistics Solutions Features

Let track and trace become a breeze with a built-in and free to use our transport management system. Manage these processes through automation and machine learning.

Host Internal Load Board

Work with all of you approved vendors in seconds, Carriers are notified of new shipments or location specific moves in the past via email for auto dispatch. Vendors can log into the system and accept tendered loads, offer different prices, and/update pick up times and dates. System gets your vendor base more involved and keeps them coming back.


Manage your business & your department — Set customized goals — Set up profile — track daily cost and revenues — give real time information to your operators to manage cost and increase productivity — Employee work 20% harder when striving for a real time goal or hitting specific metric — it gives direction and dictate action that reflect on the bottom line. Give management a quick look at efficiency, cost & productivity on a daily, weekly, & month basis.

In Cab Communication

Working directly with the driver and GPS technology eliminate the need to constantly check on the status of your shipment — let GPS technology and GEO fencing automation to alert when truck arrive for pick up and delivery and update the status of shipment via app or SMS & MMS texting. Grab required paperwork on the go.

What We Have Here for You

Work with a software built in and for the transportation logistics industry. 

Manage Tendering Process

Automate the process of using lowest cost option on your freight.Customize a smart tendering process to weigh multiple factors (Price, Performance, # of loads) to tender to the most efficient carrier first and then down the line. Let the The TMS algorithm find the perfect balance of cost vs service.

Freight Settlement

Spend less time worrying about customer bill and freight payments, with a combinations of The TMS products you are able to support auto markups, blanket pricing, auto paperwork uploads, Complete auto freight audits every time you pay a bill & the system will flag anything outside of the set % and kick it back to vendor for reinvoicing.

Contract Manager

Get hold of your cost and buying rates with a complete rating engine — capable of rating LTL, Truckload, Partial vendor specific and client specific rates. Eliminate costly rating errors for large client that can cost brokerages up to 1% of gross revenue a year. Keep large clients happy with 100% accuracy on invoices and keep management happy with spending control reports.

Auto Posting (Truck stop + DAT)

Software is integrated with multiple load boards to make sure out of network shipments are posted immediately and covered quickly. Get market rates directly to your dispatch interface.

Built in Tracking App

Monitor your loads through out the county — allow the app to monitor locations, when vendors are on site and when they are going to be late. Set up your company to get ahead of issues when they arise. Automate pick and delivery through app pop ups

Manage Rates (Client Specific Contacts & Carrier Specific Contacts).

The TMS contract manager manages client and carrier processing in a easy to use format, that will eliminate rating errors to both clients and vendors.

API Integration

All API information is well documented and we have the ability to integrate API, Web Services, FTP and email. Library of successful integration and if we do not have a template we make one. Our job is to seamlessly integrate our system to make your business process more efficient.

Manage Spot Rates

With API integrations to market analysis systems, make better decisions when pricing spot shipments

Accounting Software Integration

The TMS easily integrates with multiple accounting software in the market place with documentation.

1 touch Dispatch

Let The TMS do the work for — all users need to do is click to confirm times and put the process to work

Vendor Management Set up

Easy online carrier set up process and document collection and verification.

SMS messaging with Driver & Clients

Communicate with your vendors and your clients through text

Vendor KPI Management

Decrease the amount of overall service failures because of dropped loads,.missed appointments, and late deliveries. System automatically rates the probability of service failure based off History, Age, # of Trucks, Volume, and additional factors to give a risk factor rating of carrier having a service failure. Dispatch less freight to vendors with a high probability of service failures. Make sure your best vendors are growing their capacity.

Vendor Compliance

Poor Vendor Management can be a huge liability if you are found not be doing your due diligence by constantly making sure that insurance is active, authority is active, safety number are in line, and vendor is compliant. The TMS automates these documents and requirements and if the vendor falls out of compliance the vendor will be notified and the system will not allow the vendor to be used until the issues has been resolved. This feature will protect you against lawsuits because of lack of due diligence in vendor selection.

Load Tendering

Logistics is the overall process of managing goods, services and information received, stored, and transported to its final destination. Right from picking up the load to dropping it to its final destination, the Shipper requires the right capacity carrier, Load tendering helps increase the reach to the carrier. Load tenders allow a shipper or broker to offer your cargo to multiple carriers in order to secure the best price for your Load.


Pay for the space you need with The TMS LTL feature. LTL allowes you to use only the part of truck required for your package. With The TMS LTL have to freedom to send whatever you want whenever you want and wherever you want.

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